Mini-Airbug, Rapid deployment of beneficials.

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The Mini-Airbug has been specially developed to introduce natural enemies rapidly, to protect ornamentals and vegetable crops. The Mini-Airbug can be deployed very easily, allowing application of predatory mites to the entire crop, or localised pest control. The device is convenient, and ideal for releasing various types of predatory mite in a single work session.

  • Natural enemies are distributed over the crop very evenly, increasing the effectiveness of pest control
  • This handy device makes releasing predatory mites even simpler for your employees
  • Reduces labour by up to 80% in a single work session
  • Different combinations of natural enemies can be released to control pests such as thrips, mite and whitefly
  • The unique design ensures that the beneficials are not harmed during application
  • The airflow from the ventilator, and rotating dosage container, ensures an even distribution of the material up to ± 1.5 to 2 metres from the Mini-Airbug, depending on the material
  • The fan can be switched off, and only the rotating container used, to treat vegetable crops when they are still young
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