Garden Chafer Trap

Garden Chafer Trap

Use Garden Chafer Trap for:

Monitoring and capturing Garden chafers (Phyllopertha horticola)


One Garden chafer trap with hanging string

To be ordered separately: species specific Pherodis pheromone capsules for garden chafer (Phyllopertha horticola)

General information

Garden chafers are a destructive pest of lawns and grass areas. They can also attack vegetables, annuals and some bulb plants. The adult beetles have also been known to cause damage to apples in orchards. Large numbers of garden chafers cause grass to turn yellow and the roots can be completely consumed. The chafers also attract wildlife like badgers and birds to rip up the grass looking for the grubs to feed on.

Adult beetles emerge from the soil and then lay their eggs in grass or turf, which develop into Chafer larvae a few weeks later. This trap will catch adult beetles and give an early warning of Chafer activity, it will also help reduce the number of egg laying adults in the surrounding area. By monitoring the trap contents, more accurate applications of nematodes can be made against the Chafer grub larvae.

When to use Garden Chafer Trap?

For monitoring and trapping the adults of the Garden chafer, Phyllopertha horticola.

How does the Garden Chafer Trap work?

The Garden chafer trap is a pheromone trap to be used in combination with Pherodis pheromone dispensers. The pheromone dispenser releases a species-specific sex pheromone to lure the adult chafer beetles into the trap. Adult beetles fly into the plastic veins and drop into the plastic bucket.

How to use Garden Chafer Trap

Application Garden Chafer Trap

Instruction for use:

  • Traps need to be placed where beetles will fly and where access to the trap is not impeded or if there is a westerly prevailing wind.
  • Foliage should not come within 15cm of the trap apertures.
  • If using more than one pheromone species, keep the traps at least 50 metres apart to avoid the cross contamination of the pheromones and wash your hands after handling different types of pheromone.
  • Look for sudden or sustained rises in catches of beetles and take preventative or curative action. Weekly recordings of beetle catches are advised.


1 trap per 2000  m2


Koppert B.V. is not liable for any loss of quality if the product is stored for longer than recommended and/or under incorrect conditions.

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