Active ingredient:
Lecanicillium muscarium Ve6
Common name:
Entomopathogenic fungus
Product category:
  • For the control of whitefly

  • Development of pest resistance is very unlikely

  • Leaves no hazardous residue

  • For the control of whitefly

  • Development of pest resistance is very unlikely

  • Leaves no hazardous residue

Use for

Use for



Vegetables, ornamentals, nursery trees and soft fruit in protected cultivation.

How it works

How it works

Mode of action

After spraying Mycotal, the spores germinate and grow to hyphae that penetrate the pest's body cavity. Here they proliferate and destroy the tissues. The fungus then grows through the insect cuticle and produces spores on the outside of the cadaver, which may spread the infection to other vulnerable pests. Mycotal is effective through direct contact, and under the right environmental conditions, kills the target after 7-10 days.

Visual effect

Infested insects shrivel, or in humid conditions, develop a fluffy mycelium outside the insect.

Product specifications

Product specifications

Pack size 500 gram bag with a cardboard outer casing.
Formulation Water dispersible granules (WG).
Concentration 1x10¹⁰ cfu (viable Lecanicillium muscarium Ve6 spores)/gram.
Directions for use

Directions for use


  • Take the required amount of Mycotal
  • For optimal effectiveness combine with an adjuvant like Addit or Squad
  • Mix with 3-4 litres of water (15-20°C) per 500 gram of Mycotal and stir into a slurry
  • Fill the spray tank with the required amount of water
  • Empty the slurry into the spray tank and stir thoroughly
  • Add the correct amount of adjuvant to the Mycotal spray solution and mix thoroughly
  • Spray immediately after preparation


Application via spraying:

  • Mycotal can be applied with regular high volume spray equipment
  • Spray until runoff
  • Thorough leaf coverage is essential for the best results. Direct the spray onto the underside of the leaves and to the growing points
  • Make sure to keep stirring the spray solution during application
  • For optimal results repeat the Mycotal treatment, at the specified interval, to target new juvenile stages as they emerge and break the pest life cycle


  • Use 100 gram/100 litre of water
  • Always check the product label for more information
  • Consult a Koppert advisor or a recognized distributor of Koppert products for advice on the best strategy for your situation

Environmental conditions

The efficacy of Mycotal depends on temperature and relative humidity conditions inside the crop canopy and the timing of application. The following conditions are required:

  • Mycotal requires sufficient humidity inside the crop canopy for several hours after application for the spores to germinate and infest the pest
  • Spray at late afternoon and/or early evening


Leaves no hazardous residue subject to legislation.

Side effects

Pesticides can have (in)direct effects on biological solutions. Find out which pesticides have side effects on this product.

Go to side effects database
Product handling

Product handling

Storage time after receipt

See package for expiry date.

Storage temperature


Storage conditions

Keep away from direct sunlight.


"The general conditions of Koppert (Koppert B.V. and/or of its affiliated companies) apply. Only use products that are permitted in your country/state and crop. Always comply with the conditions specified in local product registrations. Koppert cannot be held liable for unauthorized use. Koppert is not liable for any loss of quality if the product is stored for longer than recommended and/or under incorrect conditions."

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