Scientific name:
Sitobion avenae
Common name:
Banker plant system
  • Alternative host for the aphid parasitic wasps Aphidius ervi and Aphelinus abdominalis

  • For build-up and maintenance of the population

  • Alternative host for the aphid parasitic wasps Aphidius ervi and Aphelinus abdominalis

  • For build-up and maintenance of the population

Use for

Use for

Use Ervibank to provide alternative hosts for Aphidius ervi and Aphelinus abdominalis to build up the population when aphids in the crop are scarce.

Natural enemies

Use Ervibank for Aphidius ervi and Aphelinus abdominalis.

How it works

How it works

Mode of action

Released parasitic wasps will parasitise the wheat aphids (Sitobion avenae) present on the cereal planyd and form a large population of parasitic wasps on the cereal plants. The aphid infestation level remains low due to the continuous presence of large quantities of parasitic wasps, searching actively for aphids in the crop.

Product specifications

Product specifications

Pack size 1 box of cereal plants with approximately 500 wheat aphids.
Presentation Plastic box.
Developmental stage All stages.
Carrier Winter wheat.
Directions for use

Directions for use


  • Open the box immediately after receipt
  • Fill a hanging basket of 20 cm diameter with a piece of wetted rock wool
  • Take the tussock of cereal plants from the box and place it on the rock wool in the basket
  • Place the basket in direct light, preferably in a spot where it can remain for 10-12 weeks
  • Fit a dripper to the tussock for continuous supply of water and nutrients, arrange proper drainage for any excess water
  • Move the dripper from tussock to rock wool when roots start to grow
  • Best results are obtained when the banker plants hang above the crop
  • To prevent the crop from honeydew contamination, secreted by the aphids, a large plastic bowl can be placed under the hanging basket
  • If aphids are found in the crop before the banker plants produce parasitic wasps, apply Ervipar
  • Regularly add new tussocks
  • Start introductions of Aphidend as soon as hyperparasitoids occur in banker plants or crop


Use 5-15 Ervibank per hectare. Consult a Koppert advisor or a recognized distributor of Koppert products for advice on the best strategy for your situation.

Environmental conditions

Ervibank is effective at temperatures up to approximately 30°C/86°F.

Side Effects

Aphids on banker plants are extremely susceptible to insecticides. Remove the banker plants from the greenhouse for at least 24 hours in case of fogging/spraying an insecticide. If the insecticide is applied via the drip system, remove the drippers from the banker plants for approximately 24 hours. In these cases it may be necessary to switch to an alternative way of irrigation temporarily.


Wheat aphids can only live and reproduce on monocotyledons. As most cultivated crops in greenhouses are dicotyledons they are not attacked.

Product handling

Product handling

Storage time after receipt

Apply as soon as possible after receipt. If necessary, the product can be stored for 1-2 days.

Storage temperature


Storage conditions

Store in a dark place. In case of excess of condensation in the box remove lid.

"The general conditions of Koppert (Koppert B.V. and/or of its affiliated companies) apply. Only use products that are permitted in your country/state and crop. Always comply with the conditions specified in local product registrations. Koppert cannot be held liable for unauthorized use. Koppert is not liable for any loss of quality if the product is stored for longer than recommended and/or under incorrect conditions."

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