Our company

Our company

Koppert Biological Systems produces sustainable cultivation solutions for food crops and ornamental plants. Together with growers and in partnership with nature, we work to make agriculture and horticulture healthier, safer, more productive and resilient. We achieve this by using natural enemies to combat pest infestations, bumblebees for natural pollination, and biostimulants that support and strengthen the crops both above and underground. Restoring and protecting vital ecosystems in a natural way is the basis for healthy crops and a balanced environment.

Add our quality know-how and consultancy services to this and you will understand why an increasing number of growers regards us as a partner with whom they can realize their ambitions.

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Mission & vision

Koppert Biological Systems contributes to better health of people and the planet. In partnership with nature, we make agriculture healthier, safer and more productive. 

We provide an integrated system of specialist knowledge and natural, safe solutions that improves crop health, resilience and production. 

Koppert Biological Systems
Partners with Nature

Research & Development

The ongoing attempt to discover and utilize natural principles forms the backbone of Koppert’s activities. Koppert’s strength lies in its ability to turn this knowledge into practical applications which contribute to finding solutions to prevailing problems.

In recent years, Koppert’s extensive know-how in micro-organisms, biostimulants and pheromones has inspired countless solutions that have improved plant resilience to the point that diseases hardly stand a chance.

Koppert’s Research & Development has frequently been the source of biological solutions which were subsequently adopted worldwide. It is thanks to the company’s great perseverance that a whole variety of specific mites can now be introduced to combat a large number of infestations. Similar ground-breaking discoveries with regard to pollination solutions have provided the basis for enormous production efficiency and quality improvement in many crops.

Worldwide production and distribution of solutions

Solutions are only applicable and useful if they can be effectively reproduced and distributed. Koppert and its partners have been able to perfect this over the past few years. Koppert has a holistic approach to plants and develops solutions for all the relevant elements.

Our core disciplines:

  • Resilient growth with NatuGro
  • Pest control
  • Natural pollination
  • Application techniques & Monitoring
  • Seed treatment

Knowhow and knowledge sharing

Although Koppert is primarily known for its products, the company is essentially a knowledge company. With our strong R&D base, we believe that sharing knowledge and training staff is an important step towards achieving sustainable agriculture and horticulture.

More than 300 professional consultants ensure that dealers and growers are supported in handling their challenges on a daily basis. Besides operational advice, they devote much time and effort towards communicating their basic knowledge concerning nature and its solutions. Koppert offers a variety of courses and works closely with universities around the world to make knowledge available to a wider target group.

Koppert is convinced that knowledge is an important element for success.


Back in 1967, Jan Koppert was a dedicated cucumber grower. Day after day he did his utmost to optimize his crop and achieve the best result. Diseases and pests were controlled with chemicals, but the efficacy of the chemical crop protection products decreased each year. Matters came to a head when Jan Koppert became allergic and ill as a result of these products. He had to face a fundamental choice: quit or look for an alternative.

With enormous dedication, Jan applied himself to the search for alternatives and immersed himself in the world of natural enemies. He was the first to introduce a natural enemy to combat spider mite infestation in his own nursery. The results and effects were so positive that Jan Koppert decided to produce this solution, not only for his own company, but to sell it to his fellow growers. Koppert Biological Systems was born.

Since then, the search for biological solutions has only increased and has led to the company’s position as the market leader in biological crop protection and natural pollination. Koppert-solutions are currently being successfully applied in more than 100 countries.

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