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Date published: January 06, 2021

Fortafol ‘in-favour’ for growing strawberries in re-used coir bags

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Adrian Jackson Consultant (Midlands)

Fortafol ‘in-favour’ for growing strawberries in re-used coir bags

There is a much wider and growing appreciation for the role that biostimulants play in integrated crop management systems. A campaign last summer highlighted some of the benefits that Fortafol-D provides to strawberry crops growing in first, second or third year coir bags.

Growers are continually under pressure with increasing production costs and have to make difficult decisions. The declining yields in successive seasons from the re-use of strawberry bags, has to be weighed up against the increased yields gained when new bags are used, which, however, comes attached with a big price tag.

Beneficial effects

“Fortafol-D is a solution with a range of beneficial effects on crop plants and substrate microbes,” commented Neil Procter, Koppert’s expert on biostimulants. Neil explained that when the treatment is applied within 4-7 days of planting in a re-used coir bag, it helps to re-instate some of the conditions and advantages associated with a first year virgin substrate. He added, “Although the effect of a single treatment is short-lived, it can be extended by applying a second treatment three weeks later.”

The total cost of both treatments is around 2 p per bag, which keeps the treatment price to an acceptable level. Neil added, “There’s a whole lot more to be gained by using Fortafol-D. It supports general plant health and acts as a metabolic enhancer, which stimulates plants to grow, even under stressful conditions that would normally slow or suppress plant growth and development.”

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For more information regarding the use of Fortafol-D, contact UK Consultants Neil Procter or Adrian Jackson.

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