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Date published: January 06, 2021

Natutec Drive takes centre stage


The all-encompassing Natutec Drive takes centre stage

Koppert have again demonstrated an outstanding level of innovation and prowess in the development of its latest offering to the strawberry sector, in the form of the Natutec Drive. This is unquestionably one of Koppert’s most advanced and sophisticated mechanical application devices yet. It has been developed and extensively trialed over the last three years. Growers in Ireland and the UK who have been linked to this development work have overwhelmingly given their full endorsement to this new and exciting engineering innovation.

“When I arrive on farm with the demonstration model, the grower is pleasantly surprised. It’s a jaw-dropping moment. Growers are amazed by the visual quality and design of this piece of equipment,” commented Jonathan Sibun, Koppert’s engineering expert. “I am proud to have been heavily involved in the design and manufacture of the Natutec Drive from the beginning, and I am looking forward to seeing this in practise on strawberry farms throughout the British Isles in the years ahead,” he added.

Patented System

The Natutec Drive is a patented system, which is attached to a custom-made vehicle that travels freely between the tabletops in strawberry production tunnels. The basic system works on a revolving 60 litre drum which dispenses its contents, e.g. Spidex, Thripex or Swirski Mite, into a hopper, then onwards via a series of tubes, on a flow of air. The application process is controlled from a touch-screen inside the tractor cab, by simply selecting the product name and the rate of application required.

“This is a first-class piece of machinery which exemplifies our superiority in the field of biocontrol-related innovations. We are a long way in front,” explained David Foster, General Manager for Koppert UK. “Based on all the positive reactions we have received so far, I am expecting the demand for the Natutec Drive to remain high. If growers are remotely interested they are advised to get in contact with their Koppert consultant as soon as possible,” added David.

David Davidson, Koppert consultant for Ireland also expressed his appreciation for the help and support provided by Clarke’s Fresh Fruit (Stamullen, Ireland). “We would like to acknowledge Clarke’s for organising and participating in the Natutec Drive video footage, which has resulted in a first class marketing video, due in part to Clarke’s help and support in this work.” View the full video below.

Adrian Jackson

Koppert UK Ltd

Consultant for the Midlands