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Date published: June 02, 2023

New Generation Mycotal

New Generation Mycotal

Koppert has announced that Mycotal, used for the biological control of Whitefly and a number of other pests, has undergone recent production enhancements. This has made the Mycotal biological insecticide more effective and increased the product’s shelf life.

A process of continuous improvement, led by Koppert’s dedicated research team, recently resulted in the optimisation of Koppert's microbiological product range and production processes to ensure that growers continue to benefit from the highest quality and best performing biological crop protection solutions.

Mycotal is an entomopathogenic fungus that acts as a natural solution for a range of pests found in vegetables, ornamentals, nursery trees and soft fruit in protected cultivation. The bio-insecticide contains the blastospores of Lecanicillium muscarium Ve6. These spores germinate rapidly after spraying, with the hyphae penetrating the pest’s body cavity. Once inside, they proliferate and destroy the tissue.

It is safe and easy to use, and can be applied using existing spraying equipment. An added benefit is that it leaves no residue, which helps growers meet the increasingly demanding supply chain requirements.

"Mycotal is an entomopathogenic fungus that acts as a natural solution for a range of pests found in vegetables, ornamentals, nursery trees and soft fruit in protected cultivation"

Continuous Improvement

The task of optimising Mycotal involved checking the quality of Mycotal spores all along the production process, finding the ideal settings for a number of downstream processes, and scaling-up the production. At R&D, dozens of detailed measurements and checks resulted in a series of operation adjustments and a more regulated production procedure, with special attention to temperature fluctuations during the fermentation and concentration process.

"The production improvements to Mycotal have resulted in better product performance"

Better Quality and Shelf Life

The improved production process has led to a higher efficacy of Mycotal and increased shelf life, as Koppert’s Product Manager, Guido Roozemond detailed: ‘The production improvements have clearly resulted in better product performance in different crops and countries. We are now in the process of getting these new targets and improved shelf life on the label.’

Comparative field trials have validated that the new generation Mycotal gives a similar or better efficacy when compared to other chemical or biological plant protection products in the market. ‘Koppert’s exploration for new potential targets for Mycotal, both in the laboratory and in the field, holds a great deal of potential for combatting other pests,’ says Roozemond. ‘We hope to identify further pests and target crops that will benefit from the application of Mycotal in the coming years.’

100% Sustainable Agriculture

Koppert’s mission towards 100% sustainable agriculture is ongoing. To reach this goal, it works closely together with growers worldwide.

The new generation Mycotal is now available in all countries where the product is registered.